Are you interested in the Jack Daniels Sampler dish? We recommend you a few reasons why you should get the Jack Daniels Sampler dish at TGI Fridays.

Jack Daniels Sampler

Jack Daniels Sampler

With a ton of great choices to choose from at the TGI Friday’s menu, you can save some time by ordering the most popular dish on the menu. Almost everyone who has tried the Jack Daniels Sampler, say that it’s most definitely a meal that you will get full with.

Jack Daniels Sampler Dish Breakdown

Jack Daniels Sampler Dish

If you’re worried about your calorie intake, then you should really think twice before you order this. The Jack Daniels Sampler meal contains 2330 calories. For $13.99, you get Crispy Cajun Spiced Shrimps, Sesame Jack Chicken Strips and Baby Back Pork Ribs. There’s also a small bowl filled with Jack Daniels glaze that takes your food to another level.

Another great thing you can get on the menu is the Zen Chicken Pot Stickers appetizer. With only 370 calories, the Zen Chicken Pot Stickers will fill you up while you’re waiting for your Jack Daniels Sampler dish to arrive on your table.

For those of you who are new to the restaurant, the post sticker contains fire grilled dumplings that are stuffed with chopped up chicken and vegetables. It’s sprinkled with Pico De Gallo and it comes with a side of sweet and tangy Szechwan dipping sauce.

Try out the Jack Daniels Sampler Dish during dinner.